Business Services


Managed Services:

Allsafe understands that computer issues in the office can grind productivity and sales to a complete halt. We’re happy to provide a wide range of support and repair services to businesses of every shape and size. When you choose support from us you are getting professional service that will go the extra mile to get you back to business quickly. We are happy to provide on-site support, while many service providers only offer connecting remotely to provide service we are happy to come in person to maintain your physical and digital assets. We don’t use bloated sales packages with unnecessary additions and make no commission on any products or solutions we suggest. If you’ve been burned in the past by I.T. salesmen we welcome you to give us a try and see what a real technician can do for your business. Whether you are looking for one time assistance or are interested contracted support give us a call for a free consultation.

Small Office Support:

If you are small business or office struggling to find reliable computer support we can help get your business network working to your exact needs. As a small business ourselves we can appreciate how costly commercial software licensing and hardware pricing can be, our technicians are familiar with many high quality, low cost, and free alternatives available for small business use, possibly saving your business thousands of dollars a year. Top level service is not reserved for just the larger businesses!


Is your business prepared to meet the security demands of an online world? Do you have a good understanding of the risks your company and information are exposed to online?  How prepared is your company’s response in the event of virus infection, compromise and data loss? These are all things business owners need to know to keep their digital assets secure.  Allsafe can help your company to identify and mitigate risks as well as harden systems and networks against unauthorized intruders. From design to deployment and auditing we can help you build defenses for today’s world and beyond.

Website Design and Hosting:

We can help you to deploy the ideal website for your business needs and offer fully managed services to keep your site updated and secure. We will work with you to replace your old site to a new mobile friendly design so that no matter how your customers access your site they always get the best experience.With over half of all online browsing being done on phones, tablets and other mobile devices having a website that looks great across these wide array of devices is critical. If you are considering a website for the first time we can also help you to accurately showcase your company while exposing new customers to your business.