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Expert Service

Had trouble with other computer repair services in the past? Just looking to have your problem fixed without being sold a new machine? We can help get your system back on track from system crashes, software issues, failed hardware, and more. Save money by upgrading your current computer to get the performance you need at the right price for you.


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Home Networking

Whether your network is down, the printer has gone rouge or your WiFi signal just isn’t reaching reaching far enough, we can help. Learn how you can lower your monthly internet bills by avoiding equipment rental fees from your ISP and get the most out of your network today!


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Privacy and safety

If you need to keep your computer secure for work, school, or family we can help create a secure environment perfect for online shopping, banking and more. We also offer affordable network firewalls and privacy solutions to protect all the devices in your household.


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Business Services

Results not sales

Our technicians do not make any commissions on the software or hardware we suggest, nor are we affiliated with any major vendors that offer incentives for extra sales. We are happy to offer you the best solution on the market based on your needs, not some inflexible sales package.


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Cloud Services

Cloud services are the ideal choice today for small and medium size businesses. We can help you to lower setup and management costs while expanding your infrastructure all tailored to meet your business needs.


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IT Security

Using an anti-virus and a firewall isn’t enough anymore, we can help you to deploy secure networks and systems across your business using the latest security practices and technologies.


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